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Our skilled legal team at Berberian Law, P.C. is focused on helping employees across Southern California hold their employers accountable for mistreatment in the workplace. We understand that you might feel vulnerable coming forward with a claim that your rights have been violated, which is why our compassionate legal advocates will work with you to understand how those who wronged you could be held accountable for unlawful actions or business practices.

At Berberian Law, P.C., we include our clients in strategic decision making to ensure that we are all on the same page. When you choose our firm to represent you, we will provide reliable and insightful counsel every step of the way.

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What Should I Do If I Feel My Rights Have Been Violated?

Do you believe your rights at work have been violated by your employer or coworkers? If so, you should take the following steps to build your case against the party who wronged you: 

  • Document Everything: Take notes of anything you observe that could be used as evidence, including events or communications that relate to the mistreatment or violation
  • Make a Formal Complaint: Make and submit a formal written complaint to the appropriate person at work about how you’re being mistreated 
  • Save All Documentation: Collect and preserve existing documents and communications, such as emails, text messages and phone logs, that can show you are being mistreated at work
  • Don’t Quit Your Job: Taking legal action against your employer doesn’t mean you have to quit your job. You are also protected from retaliatory termination or other retaliatory acts of any kind, such as demotion or reduced pay or hours
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    Your Basic Rights as an Employee

    California is among the majority of states in the country that are considered “at-will” states. This typically means that either the employer or the employee may terminate employment at any time, for any reason, or no reason at all. 

    Despite this, it’s simply not true that you can be fired for any or no reason. Terminations based on discrimination or retaliation, for example, are illegal. Getting fired because you didn’t want to participate in illegal business practices or because you reported them is unlawful. There are many protections such as these that you may not be aware of that could apply to a legal situation in your life. 

    As an employee in California, you are entitled to the following basic rights:

    • To work in a place where people aren’t discriminated against because of their age, sex, race, religion, skin color, or national origin
    • To request reasonable workplace accommodations for a disability or serious medical condition
    • To work in an environment that is free from illegal harassment
    • To do your job without enduring unwanted sexual advances or physical contact 
    • Your earned wages must be paid in full and on time
    • You must be provided eligible rest and meal periods
    • You must be paid eligible overtime wages
    • You can file a workers’ compensation claim without being fired
    • You can report illegal activity or refuse to participate in illegal activity as an employee without facing retaliation

    How Berberian Law, P.C. Can Assist You

    Reach out to Berberian Law, P.C. if you need help taking action against your employer. We can add clarity to your situation and help you understand your legal, how your employer may be held liable for violating them and what you can do to obtain justice.

    For a free initial consultation, contact us online or give us a call at (888) 849-2023 today.

    Ways We Can Help You

    We offer a wide range of comprehensive services pertaining to the following areas of employment law:

    If you’re experiencing a legal challenge related to these or another employment law matter, then contact Berberian Law, P.C. online or call us at (888) 849-2023 to schedule a free consultation.

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