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Many people believe they have a claim for employment discrimination because of unequal treatment as a result of nepotism, favoritism, personality conflicts, bullying, or just plain unfairness. However, merely having a bad boss does not necessarily give you any legal rights under U.S. law.

There are, however, a variety of often subtle ways you can experience unlawful discrimination in the workplace. It’s a fine line, sometimes. That’s why it’s so important to hire a qualified, experienced lawyer like ours at Berberian Law who will honestly assess your case and resolution options.

To learn which discrimination laws might address your situation, contact Berberian Law at (888) 849-2023 for a free phone consultation.

Our Lawyers Fight Workplace Discrimination

Workplace discrimination can impact people of various protected classes in many ways. At Berberian Law our discrimination attorneys in Indianapolis believe no one should endure illegal mistreatment at work – especially when it’s rooted in prejudiced beliefs or ignorance. 

We can help if you’ve experienced discrimination based on:

  • Your age
  • Your race
  • Your disability
  • Your gender
  • Your national origin
  • Your pregnancy
  • Genetic information

We Proudly Take On Gender Discrimination Cases 

Gender discrimination occurs when people in the workplace make an individual feel unsafe or singled out based on their perceived gender or gender identity. While the term "sex" conveys biological differences between males and females, the term “gender” refers to the cultural implications attached to each sex.

Do you feel discriminated against because the majority of your workplace is a different gender than you and your coworkers or superiors frequently make inappropriate comments or engage in harassing behaviors directed towards you? Have you been denied a job, a promotion, benefits, or wrongfully terminated because of your gender? If so, Berberian Law, P.C. is equipped with the resources and talented legal team that you need to fiercely advocate for justice.

We proudly represent women and openly gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender individuals facing various forms of discrimination in the workplace. Our reputable legal team is here to assess the details of your case and explain all of your options under the law so you can make informed decisions. 

How Berberian Law Can Help

We’ll work with you to hold employers accountable for directly contributing to discrimination against you or fostering a hostile work environment that permitted the discrimination to occur. We’ll listen to your story, analyze the facts at hand, and craft a story that accurately argues what happened, how it hurt you by violating your rights, and why you should be entitled to seek fair and just compensation.

To begin working with a discrimination attorney at Berberian Law call us at our number (888) 849-2023 or reach out to us online. Set up your free case consultation today.

Age Discrimination Claims 

At Berberian Law, we believe that the life experiences, work achievements, and job knowledge possessed by older employees should be valued by employers. Unfortunately, discrimination against workers because of their age occurs, and some individuals can find themselves being forced out of their job or passed over for hiring or promotions because employers feel they are too old.

Under the Age Discrimination in Employment Act (ADEA), employees and applicants over the age of 40 are protected from being discriminated against due to their age and from retaliation if they report age discrimination. 

Examples of age discrimination include:

  • An employer passes an older employee over for promotions in favor of less-qualified employees because they want a younger, more energetic office environment or they believe younger employees are more productive and motivated than older employees
  • An employer selects older employees for mass layoffs, while younger and less qualified employees get to keep their jobs
  • An employer forces an older employee into retirement 
  • An employer systematically replaces its older employees with younger employees
  • An employer makes negative comments about an employee’s advancing age

Disability Discrimination Claims

We know that employees and job applicants with disabilities are confronted with various challenges in the workplace that can impact their ability to perform at a high-level. That is why the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) prohibits employers from discriminating against employees or applicants with disabilities in all aspects of employment. 

Under the ADA, it is illegal for employers to refuse to hire, promote, or fire an employee because they are disabled. The ADA also protects employees from retaliation if they complain or report to  management about acts of discrimination or request reasonable accommodations. 

Examples of disability discrimination include:

  • You require an accommodation to do your job but your employer refuses to provide it to you
  • An employer reduces your pay, demotes you, fires you, or refuses to hire you because you suffered from an impairment, illness, or health condition
  • An employer treats you differently after you complain you have been treated unfairly because of an impairment, illness, or health condition

At Berberian Law, we know this kind of behavior and treatment is not only unacceptable, it’s unjust and inhumane. That’s why we work with clients who’ve endured disability discrimination at work and fight hard to help them reach favorable outcomes from their legal actions

Reach out to Berberian Law online or call us at (888) 849-2023 for an initial consultation with our legal team.

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