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Although California is an at-will employment state where employers can terminate employment at any time with or without explanation, that doesn’t mean you can be fired for any reason. Federal and state law prevent employer’s from abusing employment decisions when it comes to hiring, firing, promotions, pay, and other aspects of employment.

Employers are also prohibited from retaliating against employees who make complaints regarding discrimination or harassment. They also cannot fire employees who refuse to engage in illegal or unlawful activity, are requesting overtime pay, or report sexual harassment and other unlawful behavior. Our experienced  retaliation attorneys are dedicated to holding employers accountable for unlawful action taken against employees.

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Common Examples of Employment Retaliation

Retaliatory behavior, on behalf of employers, can look like:

  • Reprimands and other disciplinary action
  • Negative performance reviews
  • Termination
  • Harassment
  • Imposing unfair work standards
  • Overlooked for raises and promotions

Helping Clients Navigate Severance

If an employers want to reduce expenses or eliminate redundant positions, they might offer employees a severance. They might also make this gesture as retaliation against a particular department or group that speaks out against unlawful business practices. While you may be angry and upset at losing your job, especially if you suspect it’s retaliation, you won’t be blamed for trying to find some comfort in a paid severance offer. 

Like any contract, though, your severance might be a long and complicated agreement that can include numerous terms that aim to curb your rights. These factors might limit your ability to sue your employer for retaliation, discrimination, harassment, or other unlawful conduct. That means that if you sign a severance agreement upon termination without consulting a lawyer, you could severely weaken the strength of a future lawsuit.

If you are offered a severance agreement, hesitate and consult with  Berberian Law, so we can take a look at what you’re offered and advise you on whether our employer is likely trying to limit their liability. Our retaliation attorneys proudly fight for clients who experience all kinds of mistreatment at work, so we understand that you may feel vulnerable during this time. We’ll treat you with compassion and respect while keeping your best interests in mind.

Can I File for Unemployment if I Accept Severance Pay?

Yes, but there’s a catch. While taking severance pay doesn’t disqualify you from unemployment benefits, it can be deducted from them. In other words, you can file a claim immediately after becoming terminated, but if you take three months of severance pay, you might not receive benefits during that time.

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