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Sexual Harassment

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Sexual harassment is a form of sex-based discrimination, which includes “unwanted sexual advances, or visual, verbal, or physical conduct of a sexual nature.” The victim of sexual harassment, as well as the harasser, can be a woman or a man, and the victim does not have to be of the opposite sex of the harasser. Additionally, the victim does not have to be the person harassed, but can be anyone offended by the harassing conduct. The harasser can be a supervisor, coworker, and even a non-employee.

At Berberian Law, we don’t take sexual harassment claims lightly. We believe these are serious violations against a person’s rights to avoid a hostile work environment, which is why we strive to help clients across Southern California hold employers and coworkers accountable for their unlawful behavior.

What Is Considered Sexual Harassment?

Not all unwanted behavior in the workplace is considered illegal harassment. While minor, isolated incidents and behavior likely will not constitute sexual harassment, if the behavior is so severe or pervasive that it creates a hostile work environment, then it is illegal. 

To help determine whether you have been the victim of illegal sexual harassment, ask yourself the following questions: 

  • Has someone in the workplace made unwanted advances toward you or inappropriately touched you?
  • Have you been exposed to sexually offensive behavior, language, or visuals in the workplace?
  • Has the behavior been severe or frequent?
  • Have you been offered a salary advancement or pay increase in exchange for sexual favors, or have you been demoted or had your pay reduced because you refused sexual advances?

Sexual harassment in the workplace can come in many forms. If any of the above sound familiar, please reach out to Berberian Law for help holding the responsible parties accountable. If you’re unsure if something that happened or is going on at work is considered sexual harassment, then tell us your story and we’ll listen closely and help you understand all of your options under the law.

What Is Quid Pro Quo Sexual Harassment?

No employee should ever be forced to perform sexual favors or be subjected other forms of sexual harassment as though it is a normal condition of employment. It is illegal for a manger or supervisor  to offer you a job or promotion in exchange for a sexual favor. They also can’t force you to endure unwanted comments that are sexual in nature as a condition of employment. Such illegal behavior can be considered quid pro quo sexual harassment.

Employers who engage in this conduct or foster a hostile work environment that permits it can be held liable for damages. If you’re being abused at work in this manner, contact Berberian Law for help. Our sexual harassment attorneys are committed to fighting for employees who feel like they have to choose between enduring sexual harassment or never getting promoted or losing their job. 

Contact us online or call (888) 849-2023 to schedule a free consultation with a sexual harassment attorney at our firm today.

How Berberian Law Can Help You

It is important to note that employers are not always liable for harassment that occurs in the workplace. Generally, if an employee is being sexually harassed in the workplace, they must report the behavior to their employer. If the victim of harassment fails to do so, they might be ineligible to pursue a legal claim against the employer. However, a victim of “quid pro quo” sexual harassment might not have to report the behavior to have a legal claim against the employer. 

At Berberian Law, we know that navigating a sexual harassment claim can be challenging. Employers have a team of people, including lawyers and human resources employees backing them up to help guide them through legal issues. That is why you need your own team to help navigate this complex process and pursue the justice you deserve. 

To speak with our sexual harassment attorney, call us at (888) 849-2023 or complete our online form to schedule your free case consultation.

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